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Nova verzija stare priče
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Počeli radovi na izbornim prevarama
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Parkiranje na leđima naroda
Pan-Slavic mission of Russia
“Soft” influence with the help of children, church, bikers and fake humanitarians Russia maintains religious and cultural relations with the region through the Russian and Serbian Orthodox Church, thus deepening its influence. In their field activities the Associations of Russian-Serbian friendship from BiH mention the cooperation of two countries: Russia and Republika Srpska!?
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Koliko para, toliko strategije
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Nikad ovako dobro kao ovo
Looting of the petroleum industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina (3)
SDA sold national oil distributor for only 10 million KM The recapitalization process of Enegropetrol was covered with documents “on-the-fly”, the financial situation in Enegropetrol was “beautified”. Even with the “rigged” contract, INA/MOL did not meet terms of the contact
Skriva li direktor Đajić greške i neetičnost Nenada Stevandića? Smrt mladog doktora Marka Pekije ponovo je skrenula pažnju na neetično i manipulativno ponašanje rukovodstva Univerzitetskog kliničkog centra Republike Srpske (UKC RS) u vrijeme pandemije korona virusa.
Looting of the petroleum industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina (2)
Secret privatization and operations of the Refineries Brod and Modriča It all indicates that the plan to destroy, and then to take over the petroleum sector, was created during the war and the first post-war years, and that all political “elites” had agreed to everything for the sake of instant benefit, which is minor in comparison to the value of that business
Looting of the petroleum industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1)
How BiH lost both JUNAF and JANAF Bosna and Herzegovina has been practically left without its own resources in refining, and for the most part in the distribution of oil and petroleum products. Everything of value was taken over by the companies from Croatia, Serbia and Russia, contributing to BiH having the status of a “captured country” in this strategic sector. Žurnal will analyze the causes of this situation through three articles