FOLLOWING ŽURNAL’S WRITING:Dodik's nervousness is growing as the repayment of the debt of one billion KM is approaching!

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FOLLOWING ŽURNAL’S WRITING: Dodik's nervousness is growing as the repayment of the debt of one billion KM is approaching!

Following Žurnal’s writing about the real reasons for Dodik's furious reaction to the decisions of the BiH Constitutional Court on forests and agricultural land, European parliamentarians and reputable media have also set out. All of Dodik's stories about the Constitution, Dayton and competencies are just masking the real state of affairs.

Dodik's nervousness is growing as the repayment of the debt of one billion KM is approaching!
Milorad Dodik (photo by Adi Kebo-zurnal_info)


"I was sentenced, and no one asked me anything," SNSD leader Milorad Dodik said after the European Parliament supported the introduction of sanctions due to his secessionism.

"Instead of trying to talk to us, they decided to talk about us," continued Dodik, the same one who does not ask anyone or anything, especially in Republika Srpska. The statement "ready for discussion" is his mantra, and it has been taken over by other officials of this entity.

Of course, European parliamentarians know very well that talks with Dodik are in vain, because he is performing ultimately. And his ultimatums to unblock the state, which he and Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić have mentioned here and there, contain the most painful item - repealing the Constitutional Court's decision that forests and agricultural land are owned by the state, not the entities.

Remember, right after the announcement of those decisions, Dodik launched a party and parliamentary army into an adventure called "regaining jurisdiction".

Three months ago, Žurnal wrote that the real reason why Dodik was furious was the provision of natural resources as a guarantee of repayment of the enormous debts of this entity in recent years.

It should be reminded that in April last year, Republika Srpska sold bonds worth EUR 300 million through the London Stock Exchange, with a five-year repayment period and high-interest rates of 4.75%. The sale was made by direct agreement with an unknown buyer. Three years ago, through the Vienna Stock Exchange, Republika Srpska sold shares worth 168 million. The details of this transaction are also secret, and some Russian tycoons have been mentioned to be buyers.

If there were no dictatorial manners according to which he never asks when to preserve government, power or personal wealth, he would admit that through credit indebtedness, he actually sold(out) Republika Srpska, that the natural resources of this entity were a pledge to repay the loan. Most of these loans will be repaid next year - more than a billion KM. A possible victory in this year's elections would be in vain, because he does not have the property with which he intended to settle his debts.

Following Žurnal’s writing, European parliamentarians soon understood the essence of Dodik's simultaneous nervousness and arrogance.

 "In the case of RS government bonds on the Vienna Stock Exchange, the Prosecutor's Office for Corruption and the Financial Market Supervisory Authority could be involved, because it is unclear whether investors have been informed. In the case of bonds on the London Stock Exchange, there are indications that Russian investors are in question. If you know about the geopolitical relations of the Republika Srpska with Russia, security and political issues are also raised here, for example, whether it is an attempt to influence or an attempt to bring RS into political dependence", said the vice president of the European Green Party Thomas Waitz for Austrian DerStandard.


Recently, the German magazine Die Tageszeitung (TAZ) in its analysis of events in Bosnia and Herzegovina concluded the same as Žurnal.

"He (Dodik) wants to take control of forest estates that the Constitutional Court has ruled belong to the state. And a lot of money is involved in that: Dodik pledged parts of the state property of Bosnia and Herzegovina to international banks in order to get loans. He also fears that he will be held accountable for his corruption scandals before the state court after his mandate as a Serbian representative in the three-member state presidency expires, " wrote German journalist and Balkan expert Erich Rathfelder.


Dodik's overt destruction of Bosnia and Herzegovina is his latest attempt to evade responsibility. He knows very well that the state is not functioning, because, with the help of his brother Dragan Čović and his company called HDZ, he wholeheartedly sponsored it.

Milorad Dodik thought that as long as there was one meter of forest or land that he could pledge, he would have power and authority and pass with impunity. All the stories about the Constitution and Dayton are just masking the true state of affairs, which is best understood by following the traces of money, specifically that which is spent and missing from the entity treasury, part of which is, no doubt, transferred to others. Private, of course.