DUE TO SUSPICIOUS TENDERS:IBM’s contract with “Prointer” has been terminated since 2019.

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DUE TO SUSPICIOUS TENDERS: IBM’s contract with “Prointer” has been terminated since 2019.

"IBM World Trade Corporation" and "IBM Ireland Product" on several occasions from May 2019 to February 2020 requested notification from "Prointer" regarding media announcements about rigged tenders, according to the documentation in the possession of “Žurnal”.

IBM’s contract with “Prointer” has been terminated since 2019.
Gorica, Milorad and Igor Dodik


On March 6, 2019, “IBM World Trade Corporation” and “IBM Ireland Product” terminated their cooperation agreements with "Prointer". These two companies then, from May 2019 to February 2020, on several occasions requested a notification from "Prointer" regarding media announcements about rigged tenders, according to the documentation in the possession of Žurnal.

"IBM" and "IBM IP" problematized the way in which "Prointer", a company connected with the family of the member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Milorad Dodik, does business with public companies and institutions. After the termination of these contracts, on July 18 of the same year, the nervous Dodik before the deputies in the Parliament of Republika Srpska finally confirmed what he did not really want - the connection of his son Igor with "Prointer".

The recent arrival of US President Joe Biden's special envoy for the Western Balkans, Gabriel Escobar, seems to have given Dodik a new headache:

"We have discussed sanctions and sanctions are on the table. And not only sanctions, there are other economic resources that can be implemented not only against leaders who carry out anti-Dayton activities, but also against those who support them, against companies that help them", he announced.

These reasons for the unconfirmed termination of cooperation with "Prointer" were stated by the companies "Microsoft", "DELL", "HP", "Oracle" and SAP, which were confirmed by the sources of the opposition MP Nebojša Vukanović.

"I received confirmation of this information from two sources. If I was wrong, they would immediately deny it through their television, “Alternativna televizija”, which is owned by ''Prointer''", Vukanović told Žurnal and added that a source from the Government told him that they were worried, because many institutions could be denied licenses, and their work disabled.

This was interpreted as the first package of sanctions against the SNSD leader due to his war provoking politics, decades of unprocessed crime and corruption. It is obvious that the private IT tender business was a great source of income and that this could be a severe blow to the financial balance of the Dodik family.




The company "Prointer" was founded in 2015 and since then it has been destroying IT tenders in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It took over the entire public sector, from which it received 656 contracts worth 162,464,006 KM. If we add to that the establishment of the Sarajevo branch of the company, which has won 42 tenders worth 3,129,998 KM since 2019, the total figure is dizzying - 698 public affairs worth 165,594,004 KM!

The long-term writing of Žurnal about the uncontrolled outflow of public money to the family account was confirmed by the Basic Court in Banja Luka with a verdict from August 19 this year.

Although the leaders of "Prointer" have denied any connection with the Dodik family for years, as well as the influence on the decisions of the directors of public companies, Žurnal continuously monitored public procurements in which the company, mostly as the only bidder, received jobs worth tens of millions of marks. Putting incredible pressure on the Žurnal’s journalists, "Prointer" filed several defamation lawsuits. However, with numerous pieces of material evidence, the court rejected the first one. Interestingly, Prointer did not appeal this decision. According to unofficial information, legal advisers told the encouraged "businessmen" that there was no basis for prosecution. While Žurnal is waiting for new summonses for hearings, the final verdict is clear!

Our explanation that we have been following the work of "Prointer" for years and that we have data on how this company has concluded a huge number of contracts with the public sector in recent years and thus generated significant revenues, the court confirmed, believing that "it is not disputed that the company took power over the IT industry in the RS and has become one of the main partners of the public sector, which is a well-known fact that extends through all media. "

"This expression cannot be considered defamatory, so the court considers that there are no elements of reputation damage that would justify the award of non-pecuniary damage", reads the court’s final decision.




The last in a series of overpriced contracts for a company that has a son Igor in its registers as an "associate" was awarded by Luka Petrović, director of "Elektroprivreda RS" and general secretary of the ruling SNSD. While his party boss Milorad threatened a new bloody war, a new robbery of public money to help the supreme family was carried out far from the eyes of the public. The first channel through which 22,000,705 KM passes leads to "Prointer", and the second, for the outflow of 9,827,860 KM, to the company "Dwelt" of Stefan Krneta, son-in-law of the former Minister of Health Ranko Škrbić. In total it is 31,828,565 KM!

For all eight lots, in the tender called "joint public procurement of services for supervision, maintenance and administration of sap infrastructure, maintenance of SAP ERP systems with the expansion of existing functionalities and procurement of SAP licenses and maintenance of SAP licenses, implementation of SAP in ZP, implementation of human resources modules and payroll, implementation of investment modules and project system, procurement of data centre, parent company and 15 subsidiaries within 'Elektroprivreda RS' Trebinje ", the only bidder was -" Prointer ". How could they not, when Petrović used a limited procedure for an eyeless budget outflow.

On September 30, he signed a contract with "Dwelt" for 9,827,860 KM, which he estimated as "maintenance of the software platform for supply". Namely, Krneta is a partner of "Prointer" for business in the energy sector.




The following participated in the unscrupulous withdrawal of money from the budget for the account of "Prointer" in recent years; the management of "Forest RS", the Communications Regulatory Agency of BiH, the Council of Ministers of BiH, the Republic Administration for Inspection Affairs, the Municipality of Laktasi, the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and Ecology of RS, RS Attorney's Office, Motorway of the Federation of BiH, Agency for Intermediary, Information and Financial Services of RS, Elektroprivreda HZ HB, Doboj, RS Railways, RS Ministry of Administration and Local Self-Government, RS Ministry of Education and Culture, RS Ministry of Trade and Tourism, Sarajevo International Airport, Airport RS, Elektro-Doboj, Vodovod Doboj, Republic Center for Research of War, War Crimes and Search for Missing Persons RS, Elektroprivreda RS, Mine and Thermal plant Ugljevik, Investment and Development Bank RS, Hydro plant on Vrbas, Gradiška, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management RS, Ministries of Scientific and Technological Development, higher education and information society of RS, Gacko Mine and Thermal Power Plant, RS Radio-Television, Agency for Medicines and Medical Resources of BiH, Veterinary Institute "Dr Vaso Butozan", Official Gazette of RS, Olympic Center Jahorina, Prosecutor's Office of BiH, Insurance Agency of RS, Agencies for identification documents, records and data exchange of BiH (IDDEEA), Institute for Health Protection of RS, Hydro Power Plant on the Drina, State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA), Elektro-Hercegovina, Student Center Pale, Helicopter Service RS, Health Center Banja Luka, Lotteries RS, Banja Luka, RS Traffic Safety Agency, Bijeljina Health Center, RS Government Joint Affairs Service, BiH Civil Aviation Directorate (BHDCA), Pale Electricity Distribution, BiH Ministry of Defense, RS Ministry of Finance, BiH Central Bank, Voda Srpske, Elektroprenos BiH , Government of RS, University of East Sarajevo, Roads of RS, Brčko District, Employment Bureau of RS, Hydroelectric Power Plant on the Trebisnjica river, Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH, Elektrokrajina Banja Luka, University Clinical Center of RS, Health Insurance Fund of RS, Republic Administration for Geodetic and Property Affairs, Tax Administration of RS, Ministry of Internal Affairs of RS, Institute for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation "Dr Miroslav Zotović ”, Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of RS, Post of Srpska...

All personal data of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina are in the databases of "Prointer"!