TV ŽURNAL PRESENTS:Watch the movie: “Reumal in the hands of politics”

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TV ŽURNAL PRESENTS: Watch the movie: “Reumal in the hands of politics”

It is not hard to guess why the passions stirred up in Reumal complex. The complex was built on loans that were spent without any control and they became due. Malversations with the sale of apartments are being revealed, many people wanted to manage everybody else at one point, just to have the fear of possible responsibility prevailing the next moment.

Watch the movie: “Reumal in the hands of politics”


In the middle of 2016 Portal Žurnal pointed out the problems in Reumal’s business operations, caused primarily by excessive credit indebtedness of the companies, subsidiaries of Aqua Reumal and NCF, of which Reumal is a co-debtor. Mutual shifting of blame and hiding of real causes of financial dubiousness between the managements of the three companies and the Municipal Government have been going on since then.

They talk in the movie: ALIJA MUKAČA, executive director of Reumal ; ELDAN LOKMIĆ, former director of Reumal ; EMIR MEŠANOVIĆ, dismissed employee of Reumal ; HARIS ŠEHIĆ, former director of NCF; IGOR BOŠNJAK, NCF stakeholder; EMIR MEMIJA, councilor in the Municipal Council Fojnica; SENAD HADŽIFEJZOVIĆ, journalist

Watch the movie: “Reumal in the hands of politics”