RESIDENTS OF THE LAND OF ABUNDANCE:What did Minister Turković say that we did not want to hear?

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RESIDENTS OF THE LAND OF ABUNDANCE: What did Minister Turković say that we did not want to hear?

In her televised statement, the Minister outlined the triangle that makes up her idea of Bosnia and Herzegovina - the Presidency, the Council of Ministers, and the Parliament. In that homeland triangle, she employs members of her family, close friends, and associates. When she says "we all have a good life", the Minister means the inhabitants of this Land of Abundance, because everything outside of it is not the real world for her, it is blurred and out of focus. She really doesn't know anyone there anymore.

What did Minister Turković say that we did not want to hear?
Bisera Turković (Facebook)


I will remind you, due to people who do not follow the daily humiliations we are exposed to, for health reasons, that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bisera Turković recently stated on television that no one has the right to be tired of fighting for BiH and explained why:

"You know, we all have a very good life... He who has warmth in the home, who has light in the house, who has something to eat, must not be tired! You know, I think we are all a little bit spoiled (...) Here in Sarajevo, around the Presidency, around the Council of Ministers building, around the Parliament, still do not have tents with the homeless... We have difficult cases, we should not close our eyes, but a large percentage of our people can make ends meet. The quality of social life is at a high level in Bosnia and Herzegovina "

This statement provoked fierce reactions on social networks. The astonished minister reacted on her profile and stated that her statement was "taken out of context and misinterpreted". We will give her the benefit of the doubt and analyze her reaction to reactions carefully, sentence by sentence and interpret it with respect and full understanding. It will not last long, because Minister Turković thought that five sentences were enough to clarify the context and subtext of the disputed statements.




First sentence:

"Individuals again took part of my statements from the Hayat TV interview out of context and misinterpreted it."


PR experts around the world, even ministers, always use the same strategy. When their employers say something that they really think and that shocks the public, ranging from racism, through fascism, to sexism and arrogant insensitivity, they inevitably say that the statement was taken out of context and misinterpreted. At the same time, they never offer the right context of the statement or the correct interpretation, but try to focus attention on something else. In the best-case scenario, on an imaginary enemy, a threat from the dark, a traitor, state and national, a favorite excuse for all the hogwash. This leads us to the next sentence ...

The second sentence:

"It is already becoming a regular practice, obviously with political and populist motives."


As I said, in this sentence they are trying to locate an imaginary enemy who, instead of Minister Turković, stated that "the people are spoiled". They leave it to our imagination to specify who it could be, who, as they say, does it regularly with political and populist motives? It is not particularly important to them who we will choose, Dodik, Čović, the opposition, aliens or some mythological creature - it is important to understand that the sentences that Minister Turkovic said in front of the camera would not be even dreamed of by Minister Turkovic.

The third sentence

"My messages are absolutely clear and say that everything negative about BiH is constantly emphasized, often without arguments and despite economic indicators."


In this part, the Minister allegedly offers us the right "context and reinterpretation" of her statements, so she says that we should be "absolutely clear" that she said what she did not say. Regardless of the television footage, like an adulterer from a joke, he assures us that we don’t believe our eyes or our ears.

The fourth sentence

"Such a campaign against BiH only encourages the emigration of young people, produces hopelessness and aims to weaken the people who are fighting for this country."


Here we return to the imaginary enemy, but his description expands significantly - to all of us. Any criticism of the minister is a campaign against the state itself, which is one of the most beloved logical nonsense of the political hemisphere. By that logic, when you write or comment on her statement on Facebook, you are part of a conspiracy that causes our children to leave the country. When you say that the minister is, say, arrogant and rude, you have automatically weakened the country's defense power. If you mention the queen, bread and cakes, you have disturbed the psychophysical condition of the population. And finally - everyone who is outraged by the situation in the country is directly responsible for that situation. Logical.

The fifth sentence

"It is clear that we still have a long way to go, that many are fighting for their existence, but we must sometimes look at the progress and the path we have crossed as a state."


Here the Minister, like her colleague Churchill, promises us more blood, sweat and tears, but optimistically draws attention to the progress we have made as a state. She assures us that we should be satisfied with the fact that we have blocked authorities at the federal and state levels, that we are facing an open threat of state disintegration, that the possibility of another war is mentioned every day, that returnees live in fear, that nationalist incidents are everyday occurrence, we have never been further from the European Union, that we are to be discussed again as a crisis hotspot, that Karadžić is commenting from prison, for Srebrenica executioners to take part in parades, for paramilitaries to make open mobilizations...

Progress on the path we have crossed, while being led by the party to which the minister belongs, progress is towards the very edge of the abyss.




Regardless of everything, I am sure that Minister Turković really believes that she did not say anything bad. I’m also sure she’s still reading comments on social media at the moment and it’s still not clear to her where she said something wrong.

She has been in government structures for too long, so much so that she may have definitely lost touch with real life. In her televised statement, the Minister outlined the triangle that makes up her idea of Bosnia and Herzegovina - the Presidency, the Council of Ministers and the Parliament. It is a kind of Land of Abundance, which is enjoyed without any responsibility or moral limitations. However, at the end of the party, no one turns into a donkey here, but tricks all taxpayers - she takes a pension and starts all over again. In that triangle, the minister employed members of her family, relatives, close friends and associates. When she says "we all have a good life", she means the inhabitants of the triangle, because everything outside of it is not the real world for her, it is blurred and out of focus, a desolation in which she really doesn't know anyone anymore. Some people are wandering through that fog, who, as in the second story - "Stribor's Forest", are happy if they have a fire with tintilinići, a piece of lard and a slice of bread. The people must be happy if their most basic needs are fulfilled, for them it is a "high level of quality of social life", because they don’t know of better. Also, an indirect warning is sent that they can easily end up without it - "we still don't have tents with the homeless". "Still" - which means we can expect that soon. The Minister has protected herself well from such a disaster, she has five houses in Bosnia and Herzegovina and two apartments abroad.

Her statements are not the result of rudeness or arrogance, and she has long since passed that initial phase. I'm not an expert, so I can't say for sure, but judging by such appearances, it may be a special state of consciousness, a delusion of greatness, caused by a long life in privileges. It is an ancient disease, the Roman emperors still bred with it. As we know, some of them have managed to convince themselves that they belong to a divine race. Nero did not give up this delusion even as the dagger killers approached him, but cried out "ah, what

a greatness dies with me", and asked the escort: "Someone help me die, giving me an example of how to do it. ”. When a delusion of greatness overwhelms a person, he cannot resist it, he sees progress in ruin, and a high level of social life in poverty.

The reaction of Minister Bisera Turković is not a denial or a return to the appropriate "context". It is a harsh response to “Yeah, and?", In the manner of the president of her party, just another demonstration of "absolutely clear" social insensitivity. Also, this is not an incident, it is a common model of behavior of the inhabitants of the Bisera Turković’s homeland triangle, the perverse Land of Abundance.