Watch the movie:Are there miners in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

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Watch the movie: Are there miners in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Strikes and protests of the miners in mines of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s entity Federation are becoming a customary event. Their salaries are late, and they neither have health insurance nor contribution payments for retirement. The debts have exceed one billion Convertible Marks. This sector was managed by SDA and Party for BiH and SDP and Democratic Front, individually or in coalitions. They have been continuously ignoring the problem for the sake of alleged social peace.

Are there miners in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

While they are being admired for the dangerous work they do, the miners have in fact been guinea pigs of the so-called energy transition for many years now. They have to deliver tons and tons of cheap coal from underground and surface pits, as to cover costs of excessive employment of party cadre in the mines’ headquarters and Elektroprivreda BiH, as well as to satisfy the appetite of the main actors in the unlawful public procurements. By will or by force, there will be less and less underground coal mining in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Now that certain pit mines are being closed and thousands of unnecessary employees laid off, the blame is being shifted between all the Federation governments of previous years, relevant ministers and Elektroprivreda as the formal owner of the mines. The ones who have caused the problem now have to find a solution again. Until further notice, the culprits are still– the miners.

The miners are to blame for the mines’ debt, which has exceeded one billion Convertible Marks.

Watch the movie: Are there miners in Bosnia and Herzegovina?