WATCH THE MOVIE:Putin’s plan for the Balkans

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WATCH THE MOVIE: Putin’s plan for the Balkans

In the first part of the video series called "Putin's plan for the Balkans", we explain the general picture of the methods of influence of Russia and its satellites on this area. February 24. In 2022, Russia committed aggression against the population and territory of Ukraine. Are the Balkan countries Putin's next target?

Putin’s plan for the Balkans
Vladimir Putin (illustration)

By the collapse of the Soviet Union, as well as Yugoslavia, their republics established new countries. The pretensions of Russia to dominate the Balkans have been openly renewed after its president Vladimir Putin took the absolute power. The Balkan Peninsula has been for many decades the region where great powers test their “political muscles”. Russia has a twofold interest to maintain the influence. The first is economic, whilst the second is military, stopping the spread of NATO alliance to the entire Balkans.

Speaking for the movie: Sonja Biserko, Senada Šelo Šabić, Stjepan Mesić, mitropolit Mihailo, Đuro Kozar, Nerzuk Ćurak, Miodrag Vlahović, Vlado Vurušić, Tomislav Marković.

Watch the movie: Putin’s plan for the Balkans