REMINDER FOR THE FORGETFUL:Sanctioning of Novalić and Stanković without any reason

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REMINDER FOR THE FORGETFUL: Sanctioning of Novalić and Stanković without any reason

The US Ministry of Finance imposed sanctions on Federal Prime Minister Fadil Novalić and Slobodan Stanković, Milorad Dodik's business partner, due to, as they say, undermining democratic processes. Žurnal partly reminds us of the reason why the voters should have sanctioned their two parties, SDA and SNSD, in the first place.

Sanctioning of Novalić and Stanković without any reason
Fadil Novalić i Slobodan Stanković


"Federal Prime Minister, SDA cadre, Fadil Novalić, abusing personal data from the PIO/MIO Fund database, as well as budget money for the party's election promotion..."

Part of this is from Žurnal's text from 4 years ago, when, as usual, we called things by their right name - abuse. The occasion was Novalić's letter delivered to the addresses of all then-pensioners in the Federation, promising an increase in pensions at the end of the election campaign. That item was cited as primary in the explanation for placing Novalić on the American "black list".

"Fadil Novalić misused the personal data of pensioners for the benefit of his political party in violation of BiH laws. In the week before the 2018 elections, Novalić used this information, which he obtained thanks to his official position, to send a letter in which he listed his achievements and promised an increase in pensions in a country where this issue has a special political weight," the US Treasury Department statement said.

Right before these elections, pensioners with the lowest pensions forgot how the SDA-HDZ coalition had tricked them and did not implement the promised September pension increase.




Fadil Novalić is, in fact, a real mirror of the SDA, which literally mocks the citizens when they have to explain their actions, which really have a connection with corruption and nepotism. Žurnal wrote a lot about it and it would literally take a special book just to remind everyone of all the "indiscretions" of Fadil and his company.

They could endlessly remind us of additional reasons for any sanctioning of Novalić. The question of all questions is why he has so far only been accused of procuring ventilators during the pandemic and why did he remain in the position of federal prime minister after everything?

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First of all, he ensured "Sultana"(Sebija Izetbegović) another mandate as director of KCUS. He also survived because his SDA zealously defends all of its criminalized cadres, justifying everything as an "attack on Bosniaks", and the bottom line is, briefly and clearly, that in this way it preserves the foundations of the party.




Žurnal also dedicated many articles to Milorad Dodik's favourite “Neimar” or "builder", Slobodan Stanković, owner of the company "Integral" from Laktaši. This "negligence" is the reason for the introduction of American sanctions for Stanković as well.

"Large construction projects are often handed over to Stanković without fair and open competition. The vast majority of Stanković's wealth comes from public money. Stanković is also the former owner of Alternativna Televizija d.o.o. Banja Luka, media under the personal control of the corrupt member of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, whose secessionist rhetoric and actions in the RS threaten the stability and undermine the Dayton Agreement", they state from the USA.

Žurnal wrote about Stanković even before he was caught with 450,000 euros of unknown origin in 2013 at the BiH-Croatia border. It has not been determined where and why Stanković was carrying so much money. Žurnal's film "Svo Dodikovi prsti” clarified this journey of Stanković with a million KM in "cash”, precisely through the affairs of the Serbian company "Komgrap", which was jointly "robbed" by Stanković and his business partner(s) in this business, Milorad Dodik.

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Žurnal also wrote how Stanković bought Alternativnu televiziju and for what purposes, the same one that, together with Milorad Dodik, will be on the American sanctioned list.

As with Novalić and Stanković, there could be a thicker book of "collected misdeeds", and therefore a reminder of just some of them, from years before until the present time.