THE POISONING OF KREŠEVO CONTINUES:The BFS company cannot be stopped by the inspection, the court, seals, or concerned citizens

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THE POISONING OF KREŠEVO CONTINUES: The BFS company cannot be stopped by the inspection, the court, seals, or concerned citizens

The company BFS, the owner of the quarries that have been banned more than once from working, in addition to pressuring the locals through lawsuits, has also decided to pressurize the inspection. They submitted a number of requests for review of administrative measures, exemption of acting inspector, but also criminal reports and lawsuits against the Federation of BiH and FUZIP

The BFS company cannot be stopped by the inspection, the court, seals, or concerned citizens

Loaded trucks are moving unhindered on the access road to the lime factory and the quarry in Kreševo, which is prohibited from operating, and enter the plant area.

The last time the federal inspection sealed the factory and the quarry was in October of last year. But the BFS company, like many times before, ignored that ban.

The SBK Ministry of Internal Affairs, FÚZIP, Line Ministries and the government of the Srednjoboshanski kanton know about this. The Kiseljak Municipality knows about it too, which regularly promotes the Stanić family, the owners of BFS, as successful entrepreneurs while their plant pollutes the environment, knows about it too.

In addition, BFS also owes for the concession, because it has not paid the necessary funds, nor taxes, for years. By the end of last year, tax debts had grown to 2.3 million KM with interest.

According to information from the Federal Administration for Inspection Affairs, after the federal inspector sealed the access road at the beginning of October, at the end of December last year, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of SBK informed them that the seal was damaged due to a strong storm:

- On 27.12.2022, a team of federal water inspectors, with the assistance of PS Kreševo officials, returned the official seal to its original state.

Due to the fact that the federal inspection has repeatedly banned the work, the BFS decided to put pressure on the inspection:

- The legal and consistent actions of the federal water inspector resulted in the submission of a series of requests by the subject of supervision BFS doo Kreševo for the review of the administrative measure, the removal of the seal, the submission of the opinion of other competent authorities to challenge the decisions and measures of the acting inspector in this case, the exemption of the acting inspector, applications for the work of the acting inspector to the Federal Administrative Inspectorate, criminal charges against the acting inspector, and lawsuits at the Municipal Court in Kiseljak against the Federation of BiH and FUZIP with a proposal for the issuance of an insurance measure and claims for damages, and in this case, since October 2022, almost 50 different acts.




BFS tried to stop the disobedience of the locals who protested against the operation of the plant with lawsuits. According to their claims, the blockade of work during one day in February 2018 caused them damage in the amount of more than 180 thousand KM.

At the end of 2022, the Cantonal Court in Novi Travnik rejected BFS's appeal against the first-instance verdict of the Municipal Court in Kiseljak, which rejected BFS's lawsuit. Mahir Lušija and Ivo Miletić from Kreševo were sued for blocking the entrance to the building. In addition, Lušija was sued because he posted on social networks a photo of black snow created as a result of the operation of the plant and quarry, with the inscriptions: "Proof that Mahir Lušija has nothing personally against BFS, but they are killing us", and "A few days ago the fishing season was open, but we have BFS doo, what will we do...". For BFS, it was defamation, which is why they asked Lušija to pay them three thousand KM, but the court decided otherwise:

- Based on the established facts in the first-instance proceedings, this court is of the opinion that the defendant Mahir Lušija essentially presented true and correct facts, so there are no conditions to talk about defamation allegedly committed by the defendant against the plaintiff - the verdict states.

When it comes to the road blockade for which BFS demanded as much as 180 thousand KM, we wrote earlier that the defendants, together with about a hundred other residents of Crnić, organized a protest rally on February 7 and 8, 2018, after futile requests to stop not only the illegal work of the BFS company, but above all the enormous pollution of the environment, from the discharge of sludge into the rivers Vrijnjak and Rakovčica to the pollution of the environment in Crnići and endangering the houses themselves.

The Ministry of Economy of SBK twice previously proposed to the Government of SBK to terminate the concession contract due to the debts of BFS, but this has not happened so far.

We asked the government of SBK and Prime Minister Tahir Lenda if they are considering terminating the contract after the request of the Ministry of Economy, as well as the locals who have addressed them several times, but did not want to answer our questions.

The portal states that Mirjana Plavčić, Zoran Marković and Bojan Domić were against when voting for the termination of the contract, while Feliks Vidović and Anto Matić (HDZ) abstained.

Žurnal has written several times about the relationship between Minister Marković and Feliks Vidović. It is not surprising that Marković, who himself liberally uses budget money for private companies, is happy to do favours in return.

Radoje Vidović was the mayor of the Kreševo Municipality at the time when the scandalous audit report on business operations from 2016 was published. Precisely because of this, at the end of last year, the FBiH Financial Police started control in the Kreševo Municipality.

In April of last year, the Cantonal Prosecutor's Office of the Central Bosnia Canton filed an indictment against Sanela Kozadra as an authorised person in the BFS. In May, an indictment was confirmed against her for the criminal offence of removing or violating the official seal from Article 366 of the Criminal Code of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina:


- With the indictment confirmed by the Municipal Court in Kiseljak, you are accused of having on an unspecified day in the time period from May 21, 2021, until September 8, 2021. Sanela Kozadra, acting in her capacity as director of the BFS company, ordered that the official seal and tape be removed from the company's production facility, which was subject to the control of the Federal Administration for Inspection Affairs and to which an administrative measure was imposed by the federal environmental protection inspector due to irregularities found with a form and inscription that the construction site is closed - inspection, and acting in her actions knowingly and with the intention in the interest of the company BFS doo Kreševo ordered the plant to start working, which was all established during the control by the Federal Administration for Inspection Affairs Sarajevo.

The founder of BFS Kreševo is BFS GmbH based in Munich. We have written several times that the directors of BFS GmbH in Germany are Goran Stanić and Sanela Kozadra, but that according to available data from the local registers, this company has been liquidated since August 2020. Sanela Kozdra appears in various positions in other companies founded by Goran Stanić - in the company MIS she is the director, and procurator at KFKPLIn Kreševo, and the director is Goran Stanić.