TV ŽURNAL PRESENTS:Watch the movie “Battle for the police commissioner”

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TV ŽURNAL PRESENTS: Watch the movie “Battle for the police commissioner”

The Zenica-Doboj Canton Independent Board has elected a new police commissioner, with whom the SDA, HDZ and A-SDA can now peacefully continue what they have been doing so far - nepotism, corruption, budget robbery

Watch the movie “Battle for the police commissioner”
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The movie "Battle for the Political Commissioner" talks about the background of the election of the police commissioner of Zenica-Doboj Canton. We explain the political moves that justify the announcements that the A-SDA party has already formed a parapolice structure, which it intends to legalize by appointing personnel loyal to them.

The film attracted a lot of attention even before it was broadcast. One interlocutor received threats, so he withdrew all statements, and they continue to threaten other interlocutors and journalists.

They talk in the movie: Sanja Renić, Fikreta Hasičević, Stephen Glaser, Semir Šut, Miralem Galijašević, Fuad Kasumović, Mladen Simić, Ramo Isak.

Watch the movie: "Battle for the political commissioner"