SERBIA'S ROAD TO ISOLATION:Why isn’t Vučić imposing sanctions on Russia?

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SERBIA'S ROAD TO ISOLATION: Why isn’t Vučić imposing sanctions on Russia?

One European country was attacked for no reason, all other countries in Europe sided with the victims and helped as much as they can, and Serbia remained the last hole on the European continent, the only ally of the Kremlin criminal Vladimir Putin, despite reason, morality, elementary humanity, and even their own interests.

Why isn’t Vučić imposing sanctions on Russia?
Vladimir Putin and Aleksandar Vučić (screenshot)

The participation of the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić at the summit of the European political community in Prague was announced as a fateful event where our leader, as always, will triumph in a completely unequal battle. Prime Minister in technical mandate Ana Brnabić, who rarely interferes in her work, sent her boss off with messages of encouragement and support. "Vučić will be under barrage fire in Prague," said Brnabić, and added that our beloved leader will be alone against all, "not one out of 27 leaders, but alone against 40 of them."

For years, progressive propaganda has presented Vučić as a Marvel hero, a superhero who fights for Serbia against the whole world and the environment. The president is always under heavy pressure, everything conspired against him, everyone is creating pressure around us (I guess because we are a people of heaven, so they envy us for that metaphysical status), but Vučić always manages to overpower that white world bully. The weak-minded propagandist matrix actually repeats that joke all the time: There was a Serb, an Englishman, an American and a German, I don't remember how it went on, but I know that the Serb turned out to be the smartest in the end.

The president as a superhero

Stories about the superhero Vučić, a master of meandering in world politics, a man who firmly holds the foreign policy course of the country, leading us all to a better future, are not even at the level of jokes. This can be seen at every step of the media, here is a typical sentence that informs us about the president's brilliant performance in Prague: "As 'Blic' learns, Vučić was listened to carefully the whole time during the speech by German Chancellor Olaf Šolc".

Just that carefully? How did "Blic" find out? What kind of source is it that informs you that someone is listening carefully to the president's speech? On what basis did the unnamed source conclude that Šolc was carefully listening to Vučić? An expression of special concentration reflected on his face? It would be hard for our journalists to rely on subjective impressions, they are serious media workers, it will mean that the source in question has parapsychological abilities, so he crawled into Olaf Šolac's brain and reported the good news from there. It is not easy to reach this level of wretched mediocrity in reporting, but for our strikers, there is no limit to the impossible.

Of course, nothing came of Vučić's triumph, the summit ended in a complete debacle for which this time Croatia was blamed as the traditional enemy of former radicals disguised as progressives. The fact is that Serbia, or rather the Serbian Oil Industry, will soon be inable to import oil from Russia, which is delivered via the Janaf pipeline that goes through Croatia. It has been known since the end of March that there will be no imports of Russian oil when all the media announced it, so there is no room for surprise. The Minister of Mining and Energy, Zorana Mihajlović, said at the end of August that the sixth package of European Union sanctions against Russia means that it will no longer be possible to buy crude oil from that country from November 1, that they have known about it for months and that NIS will have to purchase oil from other suppliers. At the summit, that deadline was only extended until December 1.

All European Ustashas

The proposal for Serbia to be exempted and to peacefully continue importing Russian oil did not pass, because Serbia is the only European country that has not imposed sanctions on Russia. All member states of the European Union agreed on this, but our leaders hide it from the public, for them it was a great reason to once again launch a campaign of hatred against Croatia, seeing as they haven’t done so in a while. For Ana Brnabić, this EU decision is "shameful", it is "an open act of Croatia's hostility towards Serbia". Her boss was even more radical, as befits an old radical, he says that "Croatia is just doing its job, which it has been doing since 1941". Clearly, today's Croatia is the same as Pavelić's, they once slaughtered Serbs in Jasenovac, and today they continue the same Ustasha policy by banning the import of Russian oil.

And why then are the other countries of the European Union doing the same thing, surrendering to the Ustasha regime? The answer is simple: the other European countries continue the policy from 1999, when they bombed us in the justice of God, just because the Serbian army and police killed a few and expelled Albanian civilians in Kosovo. Well, we know that at least 10,000 articles on that topic were published in domestic tabloids. But how is it that countries that were not members of the NATO alliance in 1999 (Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary) also became Ustashas, why are Greece, Iceland and Luxembourg, countries that did not participate in the bombing, genocide-ing us with the lack of Russian oil?

The last bastion of freedom in Europe

They probably envy us for our independent foreign policy and libertarian spirit. While they, the unfortunate, have to obey Brussels and Washington, to play as the powerful tell them and condemn Russian crimes in Ukraine, impose sanctions on Russia for some insignificant aggression, Serbia stands proudly in the middle of the European continent as the last bastion of freedom and defies everyone. Not only do we not impose sanctions on the Russian terrorist state, but the pro-government media give wholehearted support to the destruction, killing of civilians and mass graves, and ordinary citizens on social networks celebrate every shelling of civilian targets, every bomb that hits a children's playground, hospital, school, Orthodox temple, or some cultural object.

European nations have voluntarily placed the yoke of a large political and economic community on their necks, most of them are even enslaved by some ethical norms, limiting themselves by various commandments of God such as "Thou shalt not kill", and in Serbia, there is absolute freedom from all civilizational shackles. In our country, a citizen can with a clear conscience indulge in the lowest impulses, enjoy the scenes of torture and murder of innocents, and rejoice like a child in ruin and evil, it is even a patriotic obligation. So how can the enslaved Europeans not envy us, constrained by narrow rules and norms that stifle the soul and do not allow it to soar to unimagined heights of barbarism?

Sitting on two chairs

During the harangue against Croatia, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković simply responded by reminding what all European leaders think: Serbia can no longer sit on two chairs. There cannot be European money and Russian oil, support for criminal Russia and the European path. Enough of deception, manipulation, false promises, and transparent manoeuvres. A completely clear and clean situation does not at all hinder our political leaders from continuing to do the only thing they know how to do: to deceive us, to treat us as weak-minded and to make fools of us.

Instead of the European Union imposing sanctions on Russia, it imposed them on Serbia, cried Brnabić from the depths of her suffering progressive soul, which cannot be comforted even by the fact that she ran amok in Jovanka Broz's villa. It is really strange that the European Union has no understanding towards the Russian quislings who supposedly want to join the European family of nations while doing everything for the benefit of their enemies.

Instead of whining that no one on the planet understands them, that the whole world has conspired against Serbia, our political leaders would do better to explain to us why they are not imposing sanctions on Russia. The villainous aggression against Ukraine has been going on for too long, Russian forces have committed countless crimes and continue with the same practice, Russia is ostracized and isolated from the democratic world, Russian politicians and propagandists make it clear that they would prefer to overthrow the international order and introduce the rule of the stronger, the world is divided into two irreconcilable parts, and the Serbian rulers calmly continue to support the aggressor country.

Doom in sight

One European country was attacked for no reason, all other countries in Europe sided with the victims and helped as much as they can, and Serbia remained the last hole on the European continent, the only ally of the Kremlin criminal Vladimir Putin, despite reason, morality, elementary humanity, and even their own interests. After unsuccessfully walking around Prague, President Vučić returned home and gave another "historical speech". That mess made of the usual lies, self-pity, heroism, traditional nonsense and crazy plans is not worth quoting, but he said one important thing. That statement reads: "Serbia will not impose sanctions on Russia until the damage to our country becomes too great."

So, the president is deliberately leading the country into crisis and disaster, he is ready for the population to pay a high price for supporting the Russian dictator, and he will change his policy if we really fail completely. Doom has been in sight for a long time, the devil has played the trick, so a logical question arises - why doesn't Vučić react immediately, why is he postponing the inevitable? The politics of revenge is dead, rest in peace, the iron curtain is down, and the president is doing everything he can to keep us on the wrong side of history.

Road to nowhere

Instead of bringing Serbia closer to Europe, where it belongs, he pushes us into the arms of Russia, Belarus, China, Iran, and North Korea. At the same time, such an orientation does not pay off for him in the long term either, the situation is such that Serbia without economic exchange with the European Union and without the aid it receives - simply has no life. Such a suicidal policy would lead to mass impoverishment, economic collapse, citizen dissatisfaction, social unrest and the overthrow of progressives from power.

A reasonable politician would take the necessary step, regardless of the fact that he does not want it intimately, and then he would find his way and develop strategies for further survival in power. Especially a politician who holds everything in his hands, the budget, media, institutions, and practically controls the entire society. So why not do it? There are only two answers: either Putin is keeping Vučić on a short leash with something - the time has come to pay off old debts, or the president of Serbia is absolutely incapable, incompetent and immature, and such a serious situation simply exceeds his modest capacities. First of all, it will be a combination of both things. Deadly for Serbia and its citizens.