DAY OF THE POLICE:Thanks to Vučić and General Mladić

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DAY OF THE POLICE: Thanks to Vučić and General Mladić

Vulin especially thanked Vučić, whom he called the president of all Serbian citizens, but also the president of all Serbs on planet Earth and in the near space, repeating for the umpteenth time his idea of a Serbian world far beyond Serbia, which should be ruled by one the supreme leader, the one who is also responsible for Vulin's political existence.

Thanks to Vučić and General Mladić
Aleksandar Vulin

The Day of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Day of the Police were solemnly celebrated in Belgrade's Stark Arena on June 12. As part of the celebration, 1,516 members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who were hired in the last year took the oath of office, followed by speeches and an accompanying cultural and artistic program. Among the speakers, Aleksandar Vulin stood out, who was presented on this occasion as an envoy of the President of the Republic of Serbia and Commander-in-Chief of the Serbian Army Aleksandar Vučić.

It is difficult to say what was more hilarious in Vulin's speech: the content or the special way in which the minister presents his oratory point. It is not easy to describe how Vulin speaks, let's say he tries to play a blind guslar, only without the accompanying one-stringed instrument. The Minister had lyrical moments in his speech, for example: "What mothers fed with a kilo of meat, Mother Serbia fed to grow up to the machine and to the flag." A striking example of a patriotic kitsch.

President of all Serbs

Vulin especially thanked Vučić, whom he called the president of all Serbian citizens, but also the president of all Serbs on planet Earth and in the near space, repeating for the umpteenth time his idea of a Serbian world far beyond Serbia, which should be ruled by one the supreme leader, the one who is also responsible for Vulin's political existence. Yes, our country has experienced a civilizational collapse, but still, we have not touched the total bottom where voters would vote for such a person, even in a temporary onset of madness.

Vulin thanked Vučić - “ for you you were among us, with us and in front of us when we broke the bloodiest gangs in Europe, that you encouraged us not to give up when even those stronger than us gave up.” He must have meant the narco-clan of Veljko Belivuk, who is responsible for the strong brutal murders, but also for securing Vučić's presidential inauguration a few years ago, which the Progressives and their associates seem to have forgotten.

The Minister's address to the newly employed police officers was also amusing. He told them to "never allow (them) to tarnish and blacken their badge with negligence, reluctance, carelessness, cowardice and greed." The state will give them power, authority and weapons, but it cannot give them honour. "You will spend your life fighting evil, so don't let evil make you evil," Vulin concluded his warning to young people who have just taken the oath. Imagine that someone hires you and the first thing they tell you is to keep your honour at work, not to be greedy, not to steal. The Minister speaks as if the most normal thing in the police is to succumb to the temptation of greed, not to do your job, to be corrupt, to become similar to those you are fighting against, that is, criminals. Whoever writes the speeches for Vulin should take up extra creative writing classes.

The Progressive Octopus

This part of Vulin's speech becomes even more comical if placed in a slightly broader context. Only a few days after the solemn celebration, the first interview of Dijana Hrkalović, former state secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, appeared after her release from custody. She is suspected of trading in influence in the case of the murder of VM, she is connected with the clan of Veljko Belivuk and Marko Miljković. In that interview, Hrkalović attacked her former boss, former Minister of Police Nebojsa Stefanović, accusing him of being the one who protected this narco-clan, and that she was innocent, neither guilty nor indebted, and it is known who is the most innocent and the most un-indebted - Aleksandar Vučić.

Nebojša Stefanović, currently the Minister of the Army, also spoke out, claiming that Hrkalović was lying, and announced a more detailed answer that would follow in a few days. In previous years, various Vučić's tabloids accused him of some kind of misconduct, and accusations of cooperation with criminals rained down, but Stefanović still remained a minister. Dijana Hrkalović is represented by Vladimir Đukanović, a lawyer with no experience, but that is why one of Vučić's closest associates, a high-ranking official of the Serbian Progressive Party. Đukanović also represents Predrag Koluvija, who is on trial and is known for growing the largest marijuana plantation in Europe.

State officials were welcomed guests at the Collusion, including Aleksandar Vulin, who was filmed weeding some salad or some similar greens there. Vučić once completely trivialized Koluvija's crime, saying that marijuana was legalized all over the world, so that he is prosecuting a man without a connection, he was not engaged in the production of any dangerous drug. When all this is taken into account, Vulin's warning to young police officers does not sound unrealistic at all. This is the environment in which they will have to do their job, although it is not recommended to do it too conscientiously, which can be seen from the attached. You never know which minister, state secretary, ruling party official or someone like that you will come across in the investigation.

A defiant song

Vulin ended his speech in a defiant manner, resisting the great world powers that conspired again against Serbia, for the 1389th time in this century. “The big ones show their strength in the small ones, so they ask us to give up ourselves, they ask us to trample on centuries-old friendships, they ask us to recognise the false state of Kosovo, they ask us to give up Republika Srpska, they ask us to give up the dream like everyone else in Europe to be the only political people”, Vulin sang an old song about the unification of all Serbs and the renewal of Dušan's empire, which we have been listening to for a century and a half, with countless tragic consequences for himself and all those who have the misfortune to live near us. Of course, the Minister mentioned unjust aggression and bombing in the justice of God, we were killed by villains without any of our guilt. He did not mention the mass expulsion of Albanians from Kosovo, cold storages full of corpses, mass graves and heinous crimes, because the facts do not fit into his job description, and they do not agree with his ideology.

After Vulin's defiance, a traditional recital followed: Ivana Žigon with "Defiant Song" by Dobrica Erić. Whenever a patriotic fair is organized, Žigon is an inevitable part of the program, always with the same song. Erić's verses are a rhyming version of the official ideology advocated by Vulin, Vučić and other nationally unconscious individuals. Here is how it sounds, a failed attempt at irony: “I am guilty of being someone, and not no one and someone.

I am guilty of going to the Orthodox Church during the time of general Serbism, although rarely, and of being baptized like this, with three fingers! ” The Hague indictments and verdicts do not mention these crimes, they are about some other crimes that are forbidden to talk about in Serbia, at least at official manifestations. The song also mentions "jihadists, crusaders, Americans", and various other centuries-old Serbian enemies who are working on our heads, all as befits a police celebration.

Children are the Ornament of the Serbian world

The icing on the cake is the performance of an unfortunate girl dressed in a uniform who sang the song "General", dedicated to one of the police commanders during the war in Kosovo. The verses speak for themselves: “You bear a great name, from the hero Hajduk Veljko, / he beat the Turkish army, and you are the gang of Arnauts / (…) for a long time now, the Arnauts have been returning our good to evil, / the sun is waking up with you, / in Kosmet's native breast ”. Yes, a typical children's song, similar to the ones from our childhood, "Children are the ornament of the world", "The fox got sick", "The bumblebee swore". The refrain of the song "General, General, we thank your mother" is also characteristic. In the meantime, this verse has become a common part of the mural to Ratko Mladić, in addition to the character of a war criminal, unknown street artists always write "General, we thank your mother", so this was a discreet greeting to the chest.

The abuse of children for political and police purposes has become a tradition, especially on The Day of the Police. This was also the case in the previous, democratic era when Ivica Dačić was the Minister of Police. At that time, the entire choir of children was dressed in uniforms, so they all sang the song EKV "Zemlja", directed by Kokan Mladenović. The children sang: "This is a country for us / This is a country for all our people / This is a house for us / This is a house for all our children"… It is challenging to measure what was worse: progressive patriotic kitsch today or democratic desecration of Milan Mladenović back then. A dead race.

However, after all these years, police celebrations, alliances of the state and crime, all Vučićs, Vulins, Dačićs and other Hrkavolićs, one thing is certain: This is not a country for us, this is not a country for all our children. This is a country for them and their children. Only that group of privileged, powerful and arrogant people lives like a kidney in fat, at the expense of the entire population of this country. For which the same population is responsible, which submissively suffers its subjugated position, does not protest and regularly votes for its destroyers. This is how it is in a country that has heard of various defiant songs and other outraged quasi-patriotic kitsch and does not hear or seek hope in what the poet told her long ago: "In every defeat, I saw a part of freedom, and when it is over for me, know, it has only started then”.