TV ŽURNAL PRESENTS:Watch “State’s Guinea Pigs” film!

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TV ŽURNAL PRESENTS: Watch “State’s Guinea Pigs” film!

With the outbreak of the smallpox epidemic in the former Yugoslavia in 1972, 18 million people were vaccinated in a few days. President Josip Broz Tito has never addressed the public or bought vaccines or other equipment. The state functioned, people were not guinea pigs then ...

Watch “State’s Guinea Pigs” film!


Žurnal’s film “State’s Guinea Pigs” is analysing the time of pandemic in Bosnia and Herzegovina marked with suspicious procurement of medical devices, slow and at the same time controversial provision of adequate medicines and almost indolent attitude towards procurement of vaccines for mass immunization of population.

Prime Minister of the Federation BiH, Fadil Novalić, presented the cynicism of the authorities with statements that they could have procured vaccines a long time ago, but they didn’t want to pretend to be the state and that they didn’t want to be the guinea pigs of the global vaccination!

Almost ten thousand deceased due to COVID is insignificant matter for the authorities.

Speakers in the film Belma Kapo, Vera Ešpek, Mirsad Hota, Vlado Adamović,  Damir Koldžo, Fahrudin Kulenović, Ednan Drljević

Watch “State’s Guinea Pigs” film!