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TV ŽURNAL PRESENTS: Watch the movie Political party Armies

Žurnal’s movie “Political party armies” reveals the abuses of associations founded to fight for the rights of war veterans. The politics has put them under its control after the war and today they are used as needed

Watch the movie Political party Armies
Political party armies

Bosnia and Herzegovina currently has around 1.700 associations originating from the war units of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Croatian Defense Council and the Army of Republika Srpska. Annually, millions of KM are allocated for their financing from the budget at different levels. Instead of fighting for the rights of veterans, they became part of the party armies, especially during the pre-election period.

Veterans, chiefs of staff, war medal recipients, politicians, journalists talk for the  Žurnal's movie"Political party Armies: Ante Čolak, Miralem Salčin, Šerif Patković, Lazar Martinović, Borjana Krišto, Muhamed Nogo, Branko Cindrić, Radan Ostojić, Aco Prelić, Risto Jeftić, Damjan Ožegović, Muhamed Švrakić, Suzana Mijatović, Renata Radić-Dragić.

Watch the movie Political party Armies